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Chicago Mercantile Exchange
Cheese Pricing Background 

 News and analysis:

Forbes Aug. 21, 2006 news story A Whiff Of Scandal

Cattlenetwork.com/Dow Jones Newswires Aug. 18, 2006 news story Farm Grp Says CME Cheese Contract Are Under Investigation

Competition Law 360 Aug. 18, 2006 news Chicago Mercantile Probed Over Cheese Price-Fixing

Financial Times (London) Aug. 17, 2006 news story CME in cheese price fix investigation

Pizza Marketplace July 27, 2006 news analysis Cheese market under federal investigation

The Milkweed May 2006 news story CFTC Probing CME Cheese Cash Market Activities

FOODproductiondaily.com Apr. 25, 2005 news story US investigates cheddar price rigging allegations

Financial Times (London) Apr. 22, 2005 news story 'Big dairy' is milking cheese prices, say US small farmers

Cheese Trading on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange & The Public Interest Analysis by John Bunting for the National Family Farm Coalition

The Chicago Tribune Apr. 19, 2005 news story Regulators take look at deals in Mercantile's cheese market

The Chicago Tribune Dec. 30, 2004 news story Tribune Special Report: Dairy insider has clout in setting prices

University of Wisconsin Cheese Study: this probe of the National Cheese Exchange (the CME's predecessor) by noted UW agricultural economists during the 1990's focuses on earlier concerns about familiar cheese pricing shenanigans that may hold lessons for today. Included are links to Working Paper 115: "Practices Facilitating Manipulation of Prices on the National Cheese Exchange" and Working Paper 116: "Price and Profit Performance of Leading Cheese Marketers: Some New Evidence".

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