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  JULY 2016 Issue No. 444

Inside this months issue …

Our story of the month:

DFA/DMS Dictated Local Co-op to Deduct NY Farm Family $167,490 in “New Member” Marketing Fees Over Past Year (p. 6-7): 
Click Here.

Improving Dairy Commodity Prices (p. 1):   
     The second half of 2016 is looking for higher dairy commodity prices and farm milk prices.  Consumer demand is strong, weather worries abound re: crops for dairies in several regions, and slowing global dairy production are all in play.

Cornell: LED Lighting Degrades Milk Quality in Dairy Case (p. 1):
   Nate Wilson reports on a recent research fiding fron Cornell University that correlates rapid declines in milk quality and taste resulting from exposure from LED lighting.

EU’s Farm Milk Gains Slowing Down (p. 2): 
   Big, monthly gains in early ’16 gains for EU milk output slowed to April’s modest, 1.2% increase.  EU dairy farmers are feeling the financial pinch, also.

May ’16 Dumpage Huge in Northeast & Mid-East (p. 2):
    Nate Wilson provides the May 2016 dumped milk numbers for the Northeast (+35 million lbs.) and Mid-East (+18 million lbs.) markets.

Northeast Antitrust Case Lawyers’ Moo-la Chopped (p. 2):
   Judge Christina Reiss awarded plaintiffs’ lawyers only $7 million of a requested $16.6 million in the Northeast dairy antitrust settlement.

Bounce-Back Starts: June Class III +$.46/cwt., Class IV +$.68/cwt. (p. 2):
   The headline tells it all.

China Restricting Infant Formula Brands Competition by 2017 (p. 3):
By 2017, China will sanction only aobut a dozen firms selling infant formula products.  The official reason for that move is to improve quality of such products.  But the real reason is that China wants to capture a bigger portion of profits from infant formula sales for domestic firms.

Demand Tightens Global Protein Complex, Boosting Prices (p. 3):
   Global prices for crude proteins are rising – challenges to South America’s soybean crop and a light harvest of Peruvian anchovies are two factors.   Concerns about a dry, how summer in North America are another driving force.  China is a big importer of soybeans right now.

Some Dairy Producers Hiring Hispanics Face Ballot Dilemma (p. 3):
  Rhetoric by Donald Trump is worrisome to big dairy operators who hire Hispanic workers.  About 70% of all Hispanic workers in agriculture are illegals, it’s estimated.

Decades of False Charges vs. Animal Fats (Like Butter) Finally Disproved (p. 4-5):
    Writer Paris Reidhead digs deep into a recent medical journal article that has dumped the anti-animal fat dietary rhetoric on its head.  Modern analysis of medical diet studies from the 1960s and 1970s now show that a diet low in saturated (animal) fats actually is bad for overall health.

Cornell Extension Dean Told Agents to Pull Their Punches … (p. 4):
    Paris Reidhead recalls an event in the 1970s when Cornell U. Extension Dean David Call told dairy agents (including Paris) to not respond to attacks on butter and other animal fats in the human diet.

Some Definitions Related to Animal Fats vs. Vegetable Oils (p. 5):
   Paris Reidhead has crafted a set of definitions to give clarity for the long-running debate over various dietary fats.

DFA/DMS Dictated Local Co-op to Deduct NY Farm Family $167,490 in “New Member” Marketing Fees Over Past Year (p. 6-7):
    Our story of the month.   See link at the top of the page.

Stray Voltage Remedy Restores Grinde’s Herd’s Health & Milk Production (p. 8):
   Writer Jan Shepel describes the victory by the Grinde dairy farm family against stray voltage.  Every aspect of their diary herd’s performance – breeding, milk production, someat cell count – improved once the solution was found.  Incidenetally, family health measures, including blood pressure and migraines, also eased.  Great article!

Strong Barrel Cheddar Demand Boosts Block Prices, Buter Prices Also Up (p. 9):
    Pete Hardin’s review of the dairy commodity scene shows a lot of positive signs.

GMO Foods’ Labeling Bill Headed for Senate Showdown (p. 10):
    Jan Shepel reports the background issues as the U.S. Senate is poised for a vote on a bill to federally codify labeling of foods containing genetically-modified organisms.

The Northeast “Dumped Milk” rip-off (p. 11):
    If you didn’t know what Pete Hardin thinks about milk “dumping” in the Northeast, you do now!

Dairy Livestock Jerseys, Short-breds & Breeding Age Heifers holding value (p. 11):  
     Except for the above-cited animals, dairy livestock values are softer.  Cash-flow is tight and in some regions, farmers are worried about crop volumes due to dry weather.

Northeast & Michigan Facing Very Dry Conditions in Early Summer (p. 12):
Dry conditions are becoming very serious for producers in the Northeast and Michigan.  Regrowth of forages, after the first cutting, is minimal in many areas.  Keep an eye on this one. California and certain other western states continue in the grips of drought.

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