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February 2016   Issue No. 439

Inside this months issue …

RICO!  Milk Powder Lawsuit Turns Against DairyAmerica & CDI (p. 1):
    On January 19,  A stunning decision was issued  by Judge Anthony W. Ishii in the long-running cash involving milk powder price misreporting that dates back to 2006 and 2007.  Judge Ishii  restored California Dairies, Inc. as a defendant.  And Judge Ishii opened the doors wide for plaintiffs’ attorneys to elevate the case to a RICO matter.  RICO is a body of federal law that allows victims of mafia-like extortions to recover triple damages and legal fees.
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Recent Dairy Trade Mission to Cuba: Q&A with Bob Wolter  (p. 1):
    Questions and Answers interview with Bob Wolter, Creative Business Services, who took a recent nine day mission dairy trade trip to Cuba.  Cuba's agriculture sector is very under developed. 
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McDonald’s Smacked with Lawsuit Alleging “Adulterated” Mozzarella Sticks (p. 1):

    A class action lawsuit has been filed against McDonald’s Corp. in California, alleging that McDonald’s “Mozzarella Sticks” contain an illegal material -- starch. The case seeks national Class Action status.  McDonald’s has vowed to vigorously fight the legal challenge, claiming that the products contain only 100% low-moisture, part-skim Mozzarella.

Dairy Producers in New Mexico and Texas Bounce Back from Winterstorm Goliath (p. 2):
   Writer Nate Wilson follows up with reports from the blizzard-ravaged dairy region of west Texas and New Mexico.

Signatory Nations Formalize TPP Trade Deal (p. 2): 
    The Trans Pacific Partnership was recently signed.  Now the question becomes: Will the U.S. Congress pass the “Free-Trade” bill?

Jan ’16 FMMO Class Prices Decline: Class III Price $13.72 – Class IV $13.31 (P. 2):
    Ouch.  The headline says it all.

Where’s the Mozzarella?  Some McDonald’s “Mozzarella Sticks” are Hollow! (p. 3):
    A flurry of social media posts include pictures and unhappy comments from customers about some McDonald’s “Mozzarella Sticks” being hollow, or partially filled with cheese.

McDonald’s Early, Angry Responses to Mozzarella Sticks Lawsuit & Publicity (p. 3):
   McDonald’s Corp. officials have denied that their “Mozzarella Sticks” contain starch.  They claim that the cheese portion of the product is 100% low-moisture part-skim Mozzarella.

With U.S. Growers Making All Kinds of Meat and Exports Down, Beef Prices Stay Low (p. 4):
Writer Jan Shepel reviews beef industry trends as presented by Dr. Brenda Boetel (UW-River Falls) at the recent UW agricultural outlook forum.

Grain Producers Facing Lower Prices, Also (p. 4):
   Jan Shepel details corn and soybean data trends as presented at the recent UW agricultural outlook forum.

Behnke Family’s “Gigi” Breaks National Production Average With 365-day Record of 74.650 Pounds of Milk (p. 5-6):
   The Behnke family dairy of Brooklyn, Wisconsin has a cow, “Gigi,” who just set the record for milk production for a 365-day milking.  Jan Shepel profiles the family and their now-famous Holstein.

KoKoski Family Unites Land, Jersey Cows, On-Farm Bottling … and Community (p. 6-7):
    Paris Reidhead visits the Kokoski family’s Mapleline Farm near Hadley, Massachusetts.  The Kokoski herd is comprised of Jersey cattle.  Milk from the herd is bottled on the farm and distributed locally.

Northeast FMMO Milk Dumping Spiked in December (p. 7):
    Nate Wilson analyzes data from the Northeast federal milk order about milk dumped in December 2015.  By our best estimates, about $1.35 million lbs. of cream were “skimmed” from 17 million lbs. of “dumped” milk in the Northeast during the period December 16 to December 31, 2015.

The ABCs of Butter Explained by Dr. Robert L. Bradley, Jr., UW-Madison Dairy Food Scientist Emeritus (p. 8-9):
   Butter is our one “hot” dairy commodity.  Dr. Robert J. Bradley explains many technical details about butter.

The Big Fat Surprise --Why Butter, Meat & Cheese Belong in a Healthy Diet (p. 9-10):
    We review this important book by author Nina Teicholz.  She traces the history of the faulty data that pushed the U.S. medical community to turn its back on butter, starting in the 1950s and 1960s.  Teicholz’s book, which was issued in 2014, is a Herculean research project – important reading for folks in the dairy industry.
Fresh Buttery Taste Spread?  No Thank You, Land O’Lakes (p. 10):  We take a close look at this “spread” sold by Land O’Lakes, and puzzle how a dairy farmers cooperative founded on the goal f selling quality butter can market “stuff” like this product.

WI Township’s Report Details CAFO Environmental and Health Impacts (p. 11):
   We report on a recent study commissioned by Sylvester Township, Wisconsin.  That study focused on the environmental and human health concerns about land-spreading of large quantities of animal waste.  We note the Website at which the full, 120-page report is available.

Is USDA at Cross-Purposes on Foot and Mouth Disease Issues? (p. 12):
    Pete Hardin Writes skeptically about the Foot and Mouth Disease threat.  On one hand, USDA is having state agriculture department officials conduct regional “practice drills” in the event of a FMD outbreak in the U.S.  On the other hand, USDA is sanctioning imports of beef from FMD-infected countries in South America and Africa.

Butter Propping Up Dairy Commodity Price Complex (p. 13):
    In our dairy commodity review, we see butter as the only commodity was price strength.  The dairy protein powder complex is a fiasco.

Prices Holding fo Good Livestock, Cull Prices Up a Bit (p. 14):
    We’re closely watching dairy livestock prices.  Good animals are basically holding their own, and prices paid for good cull cows have risen in some markets.  But few buyers ar attracted to dairy livestock with any perceived problems.

World markets, world market prices … & other B.S. (p. 15):
   Pete Hardin goes a bit ballistic at dairy experts claiming that U.S. demand for dairy products is “flat” … as well as dairy leaders who claim that U.S. producers must be able financially survive at world market prices.

One dairywoman’s frustrations with current milk prices (p. 15):
   Our contributor and friend Jan Shepel speaks her mind about the low milk prices now facing dairy producers.  Like many others, she’s worried about the future of her dairy farm and isn’t afraid to admit it.

Q&A with Bob Wolter: Recent Dairy Trade Mission to Cuba (p. 126):
   Green Bay businessman Bob Wolter recently helped lead a dairy trade mission to Cuba.  Bob answers questions about the problems and opportunities he saw in that neighboring island nation.

Could Brazilian Beef Imports Pose Zika Virus Threat (16):
   Questions, not answers, about whether Zika virus could be imported through beef brought into this country from Brazil.  Pete Hardin raises questions, and we’ll rely on Paris Reidhead for some hoped-for answers in next month’s issue.

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