A Tidal Wave of MPCs and Casein

This photo was distributed by the U.S. Coalition for Nutritional Ingredients as part of a big campaign to protect unlimited MPC and casein imports. Note how many products contain imported MPC and casein. Dairy processors and food manufacturers love MPCs and casein, because they are cheap substitutes for real milk produced by American dairy farmers.

Caught in the Act!

Imported MPC Posing as Milk Powder Here’s an example of how scurrilous importers cheat consumers! This picture shows a bag of dairy protein labeled “Low Heat Non-Fat Dry Milk.” But the adhesive label was affixed retroactively to the bag’s original label, which reads “Milk Protein Concentrate.” This product was not sold in the U.S. as the same ingredient under which it entered the country. The importer went bankrupt, after The Milkweed distributed several hundred color photographs of this completely illegal product.

USDEC Taking Milk Promotion $$$ for a Fancy Ride!

Dairy farmer promotion dollars rented this fancy stretch limousine in Washington, D.C. The sign on the windows shows the limo was hired by the farmer-funded U.S. Dairy Export Council (USDEC) to ferry big-wigs. While farmers are struggling with low milk prices, at least someone was having a good time. This is a prime example of dairy farmers’ mandatory check-off funds hard at work...for somebody else! Photo credit: David Krug

Nestlé Chocolate Bars: Made in Brazil

Read the fine print on the ingredients list: Many Nestlé’s candy bars are now made in Brazil. Candy is the latest U.S. consumer product sector to be victimized by “outsourcing.” Look no further than the candy counter of your nearby convenience store, supermarket or pharmacy. Nestlé, the global food giant, is shifting to sales of many branded chocolate candy products manufactured in Brazil.

Russian Milk Illegally Sold in New York

Fluid milk from Russia sold in the Big Apple In complete and total violation of virtually every known precept of U.S. dairy sanitation and food product import codes, fluid milk from Russia is being sold in stores in New York City. Butter and yogurt-type products from Russia are also retailed in ethnic food shops in New York City. Imports of consumer dairy products from Russia are the mere tip of the iceberg in a huge scandal by which foreign dairy products entering the U.S. illegally are being sold in New York City. Other key countries sending illegal dairy products to the U.S. include Israel and Brazil. See The Milkweed's Feb. 2003 feature article for more information on this important news story.

How MPCs for “glue” ended up in a cheese vat

This non-descript warehouse near Madison, Wisconsin was the source of suspect imported milk proteins labeled as “industrial adhesive” (glue). This questionable product ended up in cheese vats at a dairy plant near La Crosse, according to a vigilant state ag department inspector.

On the horns of an Indian dairy dilemma!

See the WATER BUFFALO (big horns). See the Third World farmer riding to milk his WATER BUFFALO (by hand, in the pasture). See the farmer spit on his hands (to better milk the WATER BUFFALO). Do not see the farmer wash his hands. See the germs. If some big processors get their way, WATER BUFFALO milk like this may end up in your cheese. (For more, see Links page for connection to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization’s “Report of the FAO E-mail Conference on Small-scale Milk Collection and Processing in Developing Countries.”)

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